January 30, 2010

The Big Green Wall

No Weekend ReCap from last weekend...which doesn't mean there wasn't a weekend, or that we didn't go anywhere.  There was an early-morning trip to a local warehouse "Cupboard" to help pick up the Brownie troop's delivery of Girl Scout cookies to sell.  Yes, Thin Mints are in da house, have mercy.  And, there was a Sunday trip up to Tom's Farms, which was okay, but not a typical visit. We go a few times a year -- usually when it's about 103 degrees out. So we'll save that post for later this summer, with photos featuring the Monkeys cheeks flushed red from the heat. 

The big event last weekend, at least for me,  was the Big Green Wall.  Formerly, the Big Beige Wall. (Actually, I think the color is called "Raffia" by Behr.)  This wall is what you see when entering the "great room" area of the family room/kitchen.  I had already painted two other walls in the family room this fresh green color, "Hibiscus" by Benjamin Moore, about nine months ago.  After many days of feeling restless about the big beige wall and pondering what to do with it, I decided that it, too, needed to be green.  So, to my husband and outsiders it might seem a bit spur-of-the-moment, but really it was weeks in the making.  I don't think I have a "before" photo of the wall, but let's see.....

....and....NO.  Half an hour of perusing my digital files, and not a good shot of what the wall was before.  However, I did find this: the Other Wall, directly across from the back kitchen wall.

Monkey Boy and his cousin, Easter 2009.

I'm really happy with how it all turned out.  Unfortunately, though we have a pretty decent Canon digital camera, I could not for the life of me take a shot that accurately showcases the color.  Here it looks a sort of watery mustard, a litte pale.  In fact it's quite a bright, saturated color, with lots of yellow.
Yeah, and lets not talk about that fireplace and its surround.  No.Ideas.At.All. 
This is a little better. This shot is entering from the living room. The door on the right is a bathroom.   The walls in the foreground seem blue, but are white. Blame the shadows.

Close up of Myk's awesome masking job. He is the Masking Master.  The walls on either end are curved bullnoses, making the job even harder. No sweat for The Master.  (Merely years of practice, being lassoed into my painting whims, says he.) 

This vase is a lot closer in intensity and shade to the wall than any of these photos, although it leans a little apple green.  And that book there? Worth a post of it's own, but one word could suffice: AGOG. 

Sitting in the family room, looking into the kitchen.  
Bottom line, I'm very happy with the overall result. Now, what to do with all that bare wall space?  I have a photo gallery in mind, with a combination of black and white family photos, and larger, color travel shots we've taken over years of trips: Hawaii, Big Sur, Palm Springs, etc.  This will take many, many frames.  Oh, buddy! How I do like to shop for frames (or "victims," as Myk calls them. That's because I buy them, only to watch them linger for months in closets.)  I think a trip to the Big Blue Box may be in order. Soon. 

In the meantime, I'm perusing lots of sites for ideas on how to group and arrange all these frames and photos.  Getting lots of ideas over at Apartment Therapy, especially the post at this site, which they linked to back in 2008.   I promise "After" pics when it's done, and all the victims frames are up. 

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