August 4, 2009

Summertime Toes

So! I thought I was remiss in only having a post or two in July -- and come to find that I didn't write a single post for the past month. Oops.

Back when I last posted, I said the weather was still a bit unseasonable and cool -- not at all the case now, in the first week of August. We definitely have our chlorine and pool-scented skin days upon us now.

So here was a bit of July..
On the 11th, you would've found me here:
Sitting poolside with my sister at our home association's public pool. We've gone to the pool more this summer than in previous years -- and that said, we've still gone less than a dozen times, so far. Lily has learned to swim pretty well though, and that has been a very life-changing thing, in terms of the hassle and stress of making sure that my two children won't drown on my watch. Now I just have to get Tucker to the same level (next year?), and I'll be one of those enviable women I've often gazed upon, sitting alone with a magazine or book in the shade while the kids frolic in the deep end.

So that was July 11th, and then just a few days later, on July 13, I was here:
at Pfieffer Beach in Big Sur. Wow, that was a great trip. So great, I guess, that I haven't much felt like recounting it here. Suffice to say that it was good, and much needed, to train my eyes out into the great expanse of the sea and sky and landscape of the big and gorgeous world. Now I'm back home, and my eyes have been re-focused once again onto the small scale: the minutia of packed snacks and scraped knees, of saying farewell to Lily's first pet, a betta fish named Alexa who was well-loved (if frail from the get-go), of trading babysitting dates with friends and cooking meals for another friend with a newborn. Good things, important things in my life and neighborhood, but....AH.

Those things are not this, either, are they?

No. So, here we are, here I am, it's the first week of August, less than 2 weeks to go before summer break is over, and as Perry once sang, the summertime rolls. But truly, I am more in the same mood of the great Keith, circa Exile on Main Street:The sunshine bores the daylights outta me...

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