May 25, 2009

If the Vans are a Rockin'...

.....and yadda yadda again on the time that's passed since the last post. I'm here! Twice in the same month. Let's focus on the positive.

So, what better way to kick off Memorial Day weekend and the unofficial start of summer than with a new pair of Lo-Pro, tomato red Vans. Gotta love it when the hubby wants to both play mall rat and agree to buy me a new pair of shoes. (It was really a shopping spree for him -- badly, if not desperately, in need of new jeans, shorts and shoes.) He bought these:
Which, shockingly, as he grew up here in So.Cal, are his first-ever pair of slip-on Vans. (Many other pairs of Vans have been bought, worn and trashed over the near-12 years of our marriage.) Maybe this summer he can channel his inner Spicoli.
(Trolling the 'net for Spicoli pics has put me very in the mood for watching Fast Times. It used to be a tradition for me to pop my copy into the VCR and watch it every summer.)

Me, I'm looking forward to rockin' my new Vans in denim shorts, a floral sundress, or even looking a little retro-70s in a thin-striped navy & white t-shirt. And then tipping them out to shake loose all the grass and sand from lots of summer picnics and seaside adventure.

Get ready, Summer -- the Shires are so gearin' up.

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