July 3, 2008

Easy to Please

OH, happy day.....
So this morning I'm making breakfast and watching the morning news on local L.A. station KTLA when they run a commercial for the


I immediately started jumping up and down and pumping my fist, like my team just won the Superbowl or something. Well, yeah --- we kinda did, now that I think about it. The kids looked amused, and then a little alarmed, when I kept on jumping after the commercial was over. Then I grabbed the remote, and thanks to Tivo, watched it one more time.

C'mon man...Gidget! Gidget used to run on syndication in the late mornings some time back when I was either a senior in high school, or had just graduated and hadn't yet found a job. Gidget reminds me of warm summer days in our apartment as I watched with my little sister, nine years my junior.

We both loved the clothes, the sets, the silly escapades that Gidget always tumbled into each episode -- and oh, how we loved LaRue, her best friend. Gangly, awkward, nerdy LaRue, always scowling and sporting a huge, floppy hat against the summer sun as they sat on the beach, plotting their next move.

Gidget is quinessential California, starring Pasadena-born Sally Fields, and though this native Calif girl has never surfed (or wanted to) , Gidget is just way up there on my list of Favorite Things Ever.

Kudos to brilliant KTLA for knowing exactly what I needed to kick off the holiday and our summer getaway.

Have a happy 4th, and as Gidget says each time she hangs up her Princess phone: "Toodles!"

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  1. OH MY GOSH--I was JUST thinking the other day about how I would LOVE to have Gidget on DVD!


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