December 3, 2007

A New Nest


I've jumped ship from my "My Apron Strings" blog. All my posts are still there, not deleted. I'm the same person, and I stand by everything I've written, but I strongly felt the need for a new persona, a fresh start here in Blogland. I was feeling burdened by the imagery and loaded message of my old blog's name, suggesting as it did that I'm some sort of uber-domestic mama, decked out in my retro apron, my arms behind my back, hiding...what? A wooden spoon? A rolling pin? Also, it made me feel that, since my blog lacked any other clear focus, then my posts should mostly be about my children, and I realize that, at the end of the day, I don't always feel like talking about those 2 wild monkeys. Lord knows they get enough of my attention and focus during those other 23 hours and fifteen minutes when I'm not writing and uploading pictures for a blog.

I found lately that a lot of what I DID feel like posting about were thoughts and comments and reviews about whatever book I happened to be reading. Like it says over there on the right, I'm many things to many people and I love them dearly, but the reading -- the reading IS me, entertwined in my personality in a way that another person can never quite become. Unless that person met me and shaped me back when I was 3 years old.

As for this blog's name -- I wanted to call it "The Reading Nester," with the nesting taking a more active role -- but on the page, it looks a little funny, like the man's name, Nestor. Like the blog could've also been called The Reading Albert, or The Reading George. So, the reading nest it is, but I still plan on sharing pictures and thoughts on what I plan and hope to do around the house.

For tonight, I'm signing off. If I shut it down here in time, perhaps I can crawl into bed and read a few more pages of the new book I'm enjoying quite a lot. More on that, later.

Thanks for following, or, as the case may be, finding me over here.

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